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Gas Taxes

The state Senate has decided to raise registration fees on electric cars and hybrids.

The bill – which passed 26 to 19 – raises registration on electric cars by $110, and on hybrids by $50. Supporters say that’s roughly equivalent to the gas tax collected from drivers, based on 12,000 miles driven each year, at 25 miles per gallon. The bill also calls for an interim study of the infrastructure needs for electric cars.

Senate committee looks at gas tax increase

Jan 23, 2019
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The North Dakota Senate Finance and Taxation Committee is now looking at a bill to increase the state’s gasoline tax by seven cents a gallon – to 30 cents.

"For the last three sessions, I've been inundated with constituents who wanted to increase the gas tax, simply because of the conditions of our roads in the very southeast corner of the state," Sen. Larry Luick (R-Fairmount), the bill's main sponsor, told the Committee. He said the bill would raise about $103 million a year. And that money would go towards roads and bridges.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Republican leaders have rolled out their “Operation Prairie Dog,” to provide a permanent source for highway infrastructure projects.

It uses a portion of the oil tax to fund those projects.

Normally, highway projects are funded through state gasoline taxes. But Greater North Dakota Chamber President and CEO Arik Spencer said there doesn’t seem to be a lot of support to raise gas taxes.

Lawmakers say raising the state gas tax is unlikely

Mar 10, 2018

An interim Legislative committee will be looking at ways to raise more money for highway construction and repair.

The state has traditionally used proceeds from the gasoline tax to match federal transportation dollars. During the oil boom, lawmakers used money from oil tax revenues to supplement the state’s share.

There had been some talk of increasing the gas tax. It's currently 23 cents a gallon. But one of the members of the interim Government Finance Committee believes that may be a non-starter.

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