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UND presidential search launches soon

May 31, 2019
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The search for a new University of North Dakota president will soon begin.

Current president Mark Kennedy will be leaving June 15th for his new position in Colorado.

Joshua Wynne named interim UND president

May 30, 2019

The Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of the University of North Dakota’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences, has been named the interim UND president.

The board voted 9-0 to appoint Joshua Wynne.

Wynne has been the med school's dean for 10 years. He will become interim president when current president Mark Kennedy leaves for his new position in Colorado June 15th.

Now that's an old fish!

May 29, 2019

An NDSU researcher has issued a paper showing how the fish – the Big Mouth Buffalo – can live much longer than previously thought. Reporter Todd McDonald has details…

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The attorney for a man charged in connection with the murder or Savanna Greywind of Fargo says her client should have his life sentence reduced – because he was not convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.

Greywind was pregnant at the time of the murder.  Her baby was taken from her womb, and her body was dumped in the Red River. Brooke Crews and her boyfriend, William Hoehn, were charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Crews was convicted, but Hoehn was not. Hoehn was found guilty of conspiracy to kidnap, and lying to police. Both Hoehn and Crews were given life sentences.

Hoeven discusses new $16M aid package with ND producers

May 28, 2019
D. Webster

Senator John Hoeven held a roundtable discussion with North Dakota ag producers and lenders to get feedback on another round of Market Facilitation Program, or MFP payments.

The 2019 Legislature passed a “mandatory study” of Internet privacy issues.

The bill originally would have allowed consumers to look at the data gathered, make corrections or deletions, and would have allowed them to ask the companies to stop gathering the data.

"A year or so ago, I bought some ties on line," said Rep. Jim Kasper (R-Fargo). "Within hours, I had two other offers of ties from other companies."

Lutheran Social Services

While most North Dakotans who gamble do so on occasion, about three percent are “compulsive gamblers” – who instead of spending money for food and clothing, place bets.

A program from Lutheran Social Services is designed to reach those who are looking for help. It’s called “Gambler’s Choice” – and it’s on-line.

"It's a 12-step treatment program on-line," said Lisa Vig of LSS. "It is an excellent opportunity for someone in a rural or remote area, who doesn't have access to a counselor or a support group, who may have concerns about stigma or confidentiality."

A wind farm that had been proposed for Morton Township in Burleigh County will now be built in Emmons and-or Logan counties.

The wind farm -- proposed by PNE Wind USA -- was the subject of some controversy. A number of township residents fought the wind farm, and siting was denied.

PNE Wind USA sold its interest in that ill-fated project to NextEra Energy.

Lignite Council has an electric car

May 24, 2019
Lignite Energy Council

The Lignite Energy Council has an unusual SUV.

It's a Tesla Model X -- an electric car.

"It seats 7 people," said Council Executive Director Jason Bohrer. "It allows us to replicate what a small SUV does in somebody's life. We want to find out what it's like to be driving around in an electric vehicle versus the internal combustion engine."

Bohrer said it’s another way for North Dakotans to power their car with North Dakota energy, made from lignite coal. And he said it is not a slap at the state’s oil industry.

Family Engagement Council meets

May 24, 2019
Dale Wetzel / DPI

An expert on encouraging family engagement in schools believes schools need to do a better job in engaging parents to be involved in their children’s education.

Dr. Steve Constantino was in Bismarck to speak to the first meeting of School Superintendent Kirsten Baesler’s Family Engagement Cabinet.

Constantino said families have seen better outcomes, when they’re involved with the schools. But he said it will take some changes in mind-set. For example, Constantino said some schools equate engagement to attendance at events.