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General News

Bismarck, ND – MDU Resource Group CEO Martin White says he doesn't see deregulation of the electric industry in this region, given the low price for consumers here.

Fargo, ND – A wide range of technology training opportunities are available at this year's Information Technology Council of North Dakota's Education Conference in Fargo.

Outlook 2000, PowerPoint 2000, Palm Pilot Basics, E-business, and Network Cabling are just some of the comprehensive sessions being held at the conference.

Jeff Swank is the President of the ITCND Education Confernce. He says the biggest trend this year in technology is the continued change.

Bismarck, ND – Lawmakers continue to struggle with just how many legislative districts will emerge from the reapportionment process.

The Redistricting committee has agreed to look at plans for 47, 49, 51 and 52 districts. The Legislature currently has 49 districts.

Republican Senator Ray Holmberg of Grand Forks says he would prefer that the Legislature be reduced in size. Holmberg says given the recent cutbacks in school districts and the number of judgeships, now is NOT the time to be increasing the size of the Legislature.

Fargo, ND – North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan says the recent farm bill passed by the House of Representatives isn't enough.

The bill--which includes a 170-billion dollar overhaul of federal farm programs--Dorgan says is better than the current freedom to farm bill but it is not enough to do what is necessary for family farmers in North Dakota and around the nation.

Bismarck, ND – The head of MDU Resources Group says he doesn't expect the increasingly diversified company will get out of the utility business in the foreseeable future.

Fargo, ND – North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan says our economy was a soft one going into the September eleventh attack.

Dorgan, along with Senator Kent Conrad, say a stimulus package needs to be enacted in the United States Congress.

Dorgan says there's two ways to lift the economy.

Bismarck, ND – The North Dakota Highway Patrol says already, more people have died on state highways than lost their lives in crashes in all of last year.And the Patrol says if the trend continues, another 25 to 30 people may be killed between now and Christmas. Patrol Superintendent Colonel Jim Hughes says drinking and driving, and NOT buckling up, are main reasons why people get killed on the highway. Hughes says Patrol officers have already logged thousands of hours of overtime this year to help prevent fatalities.

Fargo, ND – North Dakota Senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad want an Aviation Security Bill pushed through the Senate to improve airport and airline safety.

Dorgan says the bill includes safety initiatives like--limiting access to ariplane cockpits, increased training for flight crews, increase in the number of federal marshalls on flights, increased security operations, and authorized background checks.

Dorgan says this is very important.

Undated – North Dakota political leaders say the bombings in Afghanistan are justified.

Congressman Earl Pomeroy says it appears President Bush did his homework before launching the attack.

Fargo, ND – This is the last year "Stampede 2001", the annual conference of Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions, will be held in Fargo.

Microsoft Senior Vice President Doug Burgum says there is no correlation whatsoever between the movement of the "Stampede" to any movement of Great Plains.