Gov. Doug Burgum

The state of North Dakota has launched a new Website that Governor Burgum is touting as a one-stop shop for people looking for information during a significant public event – such as a disaster.

The Website is

"That Website is going to be a way for us to have one-stop shopping for North Dakota residents and the media, when they search on-line for the state's response during any major event," Burgum told reporters.

Burgum state of the state -- more belt tightening, some new initiatives

Jan 4, 2017

In his first State of the State Address, Governor Doug Burgum called on lawmakers to dig-deeper when it comes to finding budget savings and create ways to make government more efficient,

"Gov. (Jack) Dalrymple's proposed budget for 2-17-19 would reduce general fund spending by roughly $1.2 billion," Burgumm said. "That's a great start. But given the revenue uncertainty, we must dig deeper."