Pheasant season opens early

Sep 26, 2017
ND Game and Fish Dept.

An early opening for North Dakota’s pheasant season.

It opens Oct. 7th. That’s because the Legislature changed the law, saying the season will open no later than Oct. 12th. Normally, the season began the second Saturday in October.

The outlook?

"Pheasant hunters are going to notice a reduction in pheasant numbers," said North Dakota Game and Fish Assistant Wildlife Division chief Casey Anderson. "There's the tough winter, the drought and the reduced number of habitat acres. Those things piled on to each other start to add up."

Outdoor heritage amendment defeated by Senate

Mar 12, 2013

The state Senate has turned down one of two measures that would create an “outdoor heritage fund” – to help with access and habitat.

This measure would have been put to a vote in 2014, as a Constitutional amendment. It would have set aside $100 million a year – and unlike a statutory measure still pending, would have allowed the purchase of land.