Kevin Cramer

Cramer to run for US Senate, Campbell for US House

Feb 17, 2018
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota's lone US House member, Rep.Kevin Cramer (R-ND),  has now made it “official” – he’s a candidate for the US Senate seat, now held by Democrat Heidi Heitkamp.

Cramer kicked off his campaign with a Friday night rally in Bismarck. In his stump speech, Cramer said the political balance of the Senate, and as he put it – “the soul of our nation,” are at stake.

"We have a razor thin 51-49 majority in the Senate," Cramer told supporters. "One vote could determine whether President Trump or Chuck Schumer chooses the next Supreme Court justice."

'Coffee with Cramer' confrontation

May 12, 2017
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A town hall meeting in Mandan with Congressman Kevin Cramer turned confrontational  Thursday afternoon – leading to a brief physical altercation between two audience members.

It began just after a woman told an emotional story about her young daughter having health problems and numerous medical procedures. She was concerned that the bill designed to replace the Affordable Care act wouldn't help her situation out. Then a man – who had been verbally confronting Cramer about the health care bill and tax cuts – took out his wallet, grabbed some cash and stuck it in Cramer’s chest.

George Sinner says the first time he saw Kevin Cramer's latest ad, he thought it was disrespectful.

Sinner is challenging the incumbent Cramer for North Dakota's lone congressional seat.  Cramer's ad that touted support for veterans was set in the state's Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Mandan.  Sinner says he thought it was disrespectful to be able to clearly read names on the tombstones in the ad.

US Representative Kevin Cramer (R-ND) says there will be a few changes in the House Republican Caucus with the election of a new House Majority Leader.

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will replace Eric Cantor (R-OH) as the Majority Leader. Cantor was defeated for re-nomination in a primary election, and will be leaving Congress at the end of 2014.

Cramer says one change will likely be relatively unnoticed by the public, but will be by the members of Congress. He says McCarthy will likely be more inclusive – and more transparent.