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Minneapolis rap & soul superstar Lizzo leads the 62nd Grammy nominations with eight, including for Record and Song of the Year and Best New Artist. Others with multiple nominations include Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey and Vampire Weekend. The awards ceremony will be televised on CBS in January. Yo La Tengo's annual Hanukah concerts in New York City have inspired Verve's new collection, Hanukah Plus. Joining Yo La Tengo on the album are The Flaming Lips and HAIM, who cover a Leonard Cohen song. 

A quarter century ago, Dave Alvin of LA roots punkers The Blasters made the transition from loud rocker to contemplative singer-songwriter, when he put out his panoramic solo masterpiece The King of California. Now, he celebrates with a 25th anniversary reissue that features a previously unreleased instrumental, a Merle Haggard cover and a lyric video for the title track that's chocked full of Golden State scenery. An emerging K-Pop scandal in South Korea has Psy ("Gangham Style") answering questions from police about a record mogul, who is accused of procuring sex workers for potential investors and supplying drugs to some of his artists. Twin Cities artist and rising hip-hip star Lizzo has accused a security guard at Milwaukee's Summerfest of racism after allegedly tackling to the ground two of her stylists.