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Tornado destroys 'crew camp' near Watford City

May 27, 2014

A tornado destroyed an oil company crew camp near Watford City Sunday night – injuring 9 people.

One person was taken to a Minot hospital. The others were treated and released.

McKenzie County emergency manager Jerry Samuelson says the tornado touched down at around 8 pm.

"I was the master of ceremonies for the Memorial Day service in Watford City," said Samuelson. "We were getting reports of large hail over by Alexander. So we rushed our program along. And just as we finished, it started hailing. It wasn't much later before the tornado hit."

Research team examines western North Dakota man camps

Aug 27, 2012
University of North Dakota

A research team from the University of North Dakota has completed the first field season of what’s called the “North Dakota Man Camp Project.”  It explores social and material conditions in the growing number of man camps in western North Dakota’s oil patch.  Prairie Public’s Danielle Webster has the story.