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oil spill

'Produced water' spill near Williston

Jul 15, 2019

The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality says approximately 500 barrels of produced water leaked from a pipeline east of Williston last week.

The pipeline is owned and operated by Polar Midstream.

Spill investigation program manager Bill Suess said it’s mostly salt brine, with a small bit of oil in it. He said the company's metering indicated a loss of pressure on the pipeline – and company inspectors found the leak about 20 miles east of Williston.

Suess said the water flowed down a hill into a small tributary of the Missouri River.

A lightning strike earlier this week in western North Dakota’s oil patch led to a large spill at a saltwater disposal site.

Lightning struck the site Monday night near Grassy Butte, about 15 miles from where firefighters have spent the first half of the week battling a wildfire.


The lightning caused a separate fire that burned through 18 tanks, according to the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources.


Health Department approves remediation of Tioga oil spill

Apr 28, 2014

The North Dakota Department of Health has approved a remediation plan for the site of a pipeline leak near Tioga.

Last September, about 20-thousand barrels of crude was leaked from a broken pipeline on farmland near Tioga.  Tesoro is responsible for the remediation of the leak.  Dave Glatt is chief of the Environmental Health Section of the health department and says Tesoro considered a number of different remediation options.

The chief of the state Health Department’s environmental health section says his department is working on ways to let the public know about oil spills and other hazardous material incidents.

Investigation continues into Tesoro pipeline spill

Oct 24, 2013

The investigation continues into what caused a big oil pipeline leak near Tioga.

As Prairie Public’s Dave Thompson reports, the results may lead to more strict rules about which pipelines need better monitoring – and how often they should be monitored.

It's one of the consequences of oil development in the Bakken -- naturally-occurring radioactive materials collect in pipelines and pits.

The state Health Department has regulatory oversight of that material. And Department Environmental chief Dave Glatt says about ten to 15 thousand tons of the material is generated every year. He told a Legislative committee North Dakota does not have licensed radioactive disposal facilities.

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple says the state is looking at some new procedures in reporting oil spills – such as the one near Tioga.

More than 20-thousand barrels of oil spilled from a Tesoro pipeline. The spill was initially discovered September 29th by a farmer, and it was thought to be 750 barrels. But within several days, the amount was determined to be much bigger than that.

Questions still unanswered about oil spill

Oct 15, 2013

The chief of the State Health Department’s Environmental Section says the department will be doing some further investigation into a crude oil spill north of Tioga.

More than 20-thousand barrels of oil leaked from a Tesoro pipeline into a wheat field. The leak covered an area equivalent to seven football fields. It was originally reported September  29th – and was thought to be a smaller spill of about 750 barrels. But Glatt told a Legislative interim committee – by October 8th, Tesoro said it was over 20-thousand barrels.

Oil spill near Tioga may be largest spill in state history

Oct 11, 2013

the state Health Department is currently assessing and cleaning up a big oil spill near Tioga.

A pipeline owned by Tesoro leaked 20,600 barrels of crude in a wheat field about 9 miles northeast of Tioga. It covers an area the size of about seven football fields. A farmer harvesting wheat discovered the spill September 29th.  Tesoro said it's about 865,000 gallons of oil. That's enough to fill 27 railroad tanker cars, or an Olympic-sized swimming pool.