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'Real ID' deadline Oct.1, 2021

Dec 28, 2020

North Dakota drivers who want the new Real ID Driver’s License have until Oct. 1, 2021 to get it.

That deadline was moved from 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Currently, we have 36 percent of North Dakota drivers and ID holders who have the Real ID," said North Dakota Department of Transportation Drivers' License Director Brad Schaffer. He said North Dakota is an "opt in" state, so it may not get 100 percent of drivers with Real ID.

With a year to go, DOT and TSA are pushing Real ID

Sep 12, 2019
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

By next October first (2020), if you wish to board a commercial airplane, you will need a Real ID compliant form.

That includes Real ID compliant driver’s licenses.

"In a nutshell, Real ID is the way the federal government knows you are who you say you are on your photo identification," Transportation Security Administration spokesperson Lorie Dankers said at a news conference at the Bismarck Airport.

Other Real ID forms include passports and military ID.

So far, 83,000 North Dakotans have a Real ID compliant driver’s license.

'Real ID' rolling out in ND

May 1, 2018

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North Dakota’s Department of Transportation has begun issuing “Real ID” at its Bismarck driver’s license office.

"A 'Real ID' is a credential that meets the standards the federal government set," said DOT Driver's License Division director Glenn Jackson. "The credential can be used for boarding aircraft, entry to federal facilities, military installations, things like that."

'Real ID' to be rolled out next spring (2018)

Jun 12, 2017

The state Department of Transportation is getting ready for the rollout of the optional “Real ID” program.

“Real ID” is an enhanced driver’s license. It’s a federal mandate – so you would have to have it to board an airplane or enter a federal building. Without it, you will need to show a passport.

The 2017 Legislature made it “opt in.”

DOT Driver's License Division Director Glenn Jackson said the Department is now working on the technology – and it should be ready by next spring.

'Real ID' bill passes Senate, headed to Gov. Burgum

Mar 28, 2017
ND Legislature

A bill for North Dakota to adopt “Real ID” is now on its way to Gov. Doug Burgum.

“Real ID” is an enhanced driver’s license. It requires more personal information to be given to the Department of Transportation.  A person would have to have “Real ID” if the person was using the driver’s license to board an airplane or get into federal buildings.

The Legislature is working on a measure to bring North Dakota into compliance with the “Real ID” federal law.

That law is fully implemented in October 2020. North Dakota has had a waiver – but that waiver expires this October. And a failure to comply means North Dakotans will not be able to use a driver’s license to board airplanes or enter federal buildings. People would have to use a passport to accomplish those things.

The state Department of Transportation is proposing an “opt-in” option. 

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The director of the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s Driver’s License division says North Dakota currently has a waiver from the Department of Homeland Security for its licenses – which are not yet compliant with the federal “Real ID” act.

The 2015 North Dakota Legislature rejected a measure to adopt the federal “Real ID” standard for drivers’ licenses.

But the bill’s main sponsor says he’ll bring it up again in the 2017 session.

Sen. Tim Mathern (D-Fargo) says the measure overwhelmingly passed the Senate, but failed in the House.

"It was just short-sightedness on the part of the 'no' voters in the House," said Mathern.

ND has 'Real ID' waiver until October, 2016

Dec 24, 2015

North Dakota is one of a handful of states that has not adopted the federal “Real ID” requirement for drivers’ licenses.

Minnesota has also failed to adopt it. But Minnesota has been denied any waivers from the federal Department of Homeland Security. And there is concern that Minnesotans won’t be able to use their drivers’ licenses to board airplanes.

On the other hand, North Dakota has received a waiver from the federal Department of Homeland Security – that’s good until next October.