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New youth survey shows progress, some concerns

Nov 3, 2015
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The new state Youth Risk Behavioral Survey has been released.

And state school superintendent Kirsten Baesler says the trends look good.

"The results show a substantial drop in tobacco use among our high school students," Baesler told Capitol reporters. She says it's also true about alcohol use.

"There's less binge drinking among our young people," Baesler said. "There is less marijuana smoking, and prescription drug abuse."

However, Baesler says there were a couple of troubling trends – concerning students having suicidal thoughts.

Good and bad in youth risk behavior report

Aug 16, 2012

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says while there is good news in the latest state youth behavior risk survey – there are some disturbing findings.

Stenehjem reviewed the findings with the Legislature’s interim Judiciary Committee – as part of a report on substance abuse and treatment. He told the Committee the survey showed reductions in tobacco and alcohol use among students 18 and younger.