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Veteran's Club opens at Sanford Health in Fargo

Apr 4, 2018
T.McDonald / Prairie Public

Officials with Sanford Medical Center unveiled what it calls the “Veteran’s Club” at its main building in Fargo. Reporter Todd McDonald was on hand for the unveiling and files this report...

Sanford Opens New Bismarck Children's Clinic

Jul 2, 2013

Sanford Health is opening a new children’s clinic in Bismarck. The clinic has a decoration theme of castle and nature that matches the clinic’s “Castle of Care” title.

Sara Reinke is one of the doctors at the new children’s clinic. She said the new clinic will be more convenient for parents and children will feel more comfortable in a friendly environment.

“I think it will allow them to relax and put their minds elsewhere. Most kids, when they come to the doctor, are nervous, this will allow for a relaxing experience,” Reinke said.

Sanford to launch helicopter service

Jun 14, 2013
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Back in the 1980s, both Bismarck hospitals used helicopters for transporting patients from the field to the hospitals.

Both discontinued the service. But as Prairie Public’s Dave Thompson reports, one hospital will resume that service next week.

Med Center One "officially" Sanford West

Aug 29, 2012
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

You can now officially call it “Sanford West.”

Bismarck’s Med Center One has a new sign in the window. But staffers there are promising the same quality of health care people have come to know.

Med Center One is now part of a much larger organization. Sanford Chief Operating Officer Becky Nelson says in health care, bigger is better.