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The "Social Security Scam" is again making the rounds

Jul 16, 2020

It’s a scam that’s been around for a while – but it’s back.

It’s called “the imposter scam” or the “Social Security Scam.”

How it works: A scam artist will call, pretending to be a federal FBI agent.

"They warn the individual that his or her Social Security number has been compromised or linked to a crime, and they could be arrested if they do not comply with the agent's instructions," said Parrell Grossman, the director of the North Dakota Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said during the Coronavirus outbreak, scammers are also out there, hoping to take advantage of people already on edge because of the pandemic.

Stenehjem told reporters one of the newest scams has to do with the forthcoming federal assistance checks individuals will be receiving from the federal government.

"These scams are claiming that you need to pay a fee, and submit certain information, in order to get your check," Stenehjem said. "Or this can help speed things along."

A coalition of 51 attorneys general – including North Dakota’s Wayne Stenehjem – has reached an agreement with 12 national telephone companies to help protect customers from illegal robocalls.

The companies have agreed to provide call-blocking technology for customers at no cost. They also have agreed to monitor their networks for those robocalls, and use technology to help trace where those calls are coming from.

Scams are on the rise

Feb 13, 2018

Tax season is usually a busy time for scammers - and this year is no exception.

Captain Tory Jacobson of the Moorhead Police Department says many calls have come in over the last couple of weeks to report scams and fraud. He says many people report tax scams, but they aren't the only ones going around. He says romance scams, grandparent scams and even scams about past due bills are being circulated.

ND Attorney General's office

There’s been an uptick in the number of scam calls.

This time, the scammers are “spoofing” non-working North Dakota phone numbers.

You see a number pop up on your caller ID with a “701” area code. You answer – and find it’s a robo-call or a live person offering automobile warranties, help with student loans, and the like.

But the numbers aren’t real.

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has issued a “Cease and Desist: order against a fake charity that claims it’s raising money to send CARE packages to overseas soldiers.

The charity is “Nationwide Soldier Support.” Stenehjem said he received complaints about door-to-door solicitations by the group. He said that group is not registered as a charitable organization or as a professional fundraiser.

Stenehjem said investigators called the organization, and it promised to provide some information on its North Dakota activities. That information never came.

Lottery scam an "epidemic" in ND

May 29, 2013

North Dakota’s top state and federal law enforcement officials say  “lottery scams” are becoming an epidemic in North Dakota.

Attorney General Wayne Stenhejem says his office has received numerous complaints about this new twist on an old scam.

"The caller claims that the victim has won an international lottery," Stenehjem told a Bismarck news conference. "But those prizes, they say, cannot be delivered until money has been paid for taxes, or insurance, or handling fees."