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traffic congestion

Roundabouts becoming more popular in ND

Jun 11, 2019

Roundabouts are becoming more popular across North Dakota.

Traffic engineers say they’re safer than normal intersections.

"You have lower speeds going into an intersection," said North Dakota Department of Transportation traffic operations engineer Justin Schlosser. "You also have reduced conflict points -- points where vehicles can run into each other."

Schlosser said that's a lot less than in a "signalized" intersection or stop sign controlled intersection.

"That's because everyone is going in the same direction," Schlosser said.

Trooper on the Bus

Oct 2, 2012

School buses have always had to share the road with other vehicles. But in oil country, country roads and highways now throb with traffic. And fatality rates are at an all-time high. A North Dakota Highway Patrol safety program called “Trooper on the Bus” helps buses reach schools safely. Black Gold Boom reporter Diane Richard boarded a bus on a recent morning. From rural McKenzie County, she has the story.

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