US Senate

The state Senate has passed a bill that calls for a special election in the event a US Senator resigns or dies in office.

The election would have to take place within 95 days of the vacancy. Democrats have dubbed it “the Heidi Bill,” because of rumors Senator Heidi Heitkamp was planning to run for Governor in 2016 – and if she won, would be able to appoint someone to finish out the final two years of her senate term.

Heidi's 'victory lap'

Nov 9, 2012
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Democrat Heidi Heitkamp overcame the odds – and the pre-election polls – to win the election for the US Senate.

The margin was razor thin. She defeated Republican Congressman Rick Berg by less than one percentage point. Heitkamp took a “victory lap” around North Dakota Thursday – to thank her supporters.

Several hundred people welcomed Heitkamp to the labor temple in Bismarck, as the tired and hoarse US Senator-elect finished a four-stop victory tour. They chanted "Heidi, Heidi" as Heitkamp entered the room.

Recount possible in US Senate race

Nov 7, 2012

Many observers felt the US Senate race in North Dakota would be a close one.

And there is no clear winner – yet.

Unofficial results show Democrat Heidi Heitkamp with a 2994 vote lead over Republican Rick Berg.  Heitkamp collected 160,752 votes, while Berg's total was 157,758.

Speaking to supporters, Heitkamp declared victory.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Senator Kent Conrad is donating his official Senate documents to the George Washington University in Washington, DC. As Prairie Public’s Dave Thompson reports, those documents will also be available in electronic form at the state Heritage Center in Bismarck.

“Together, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate the career of a great American statesman, both in the city where he so effectively worked, and in the state he so ably represented," said George Washington University president Steven Knapp at a Bismarck ceremony to honor Conrad’s contribution.