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Oil companies seek injunction on new federal fracking rules

Two groups of oil and gas producers have filed an injunction in the US District Court of Wyoming against the first ever federal rule to regulate hydraulic fracturing on federal lands. 

Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson reports.

In March, Wyoming sued the federal government claiming new regulations interfere with the state’s own existing regulations. Colorado and North Dakota joined that lawsuit soon after.

Mark Barron, one of the attorneys on the case, explained why Wyoming is leading the legal challenge: 

“It really could have been brought in any of the western states but since we had to choose one, we decided that the state with the most acreage and the most to lose would be the most appropriate venue for deciding the case”

In 2014 Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado HAD MORE oil and gas production on federal land- in terms of acreage- than any other states. For Inside Energy, I’m Leigh Paterson

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