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Patrolling Fargo Parks with an all-electric motorcycle

Cass County Electric Cooperative

A Fargo police officer is patrolling city parks with an electric motorcycle.

It’s the first all-electric patrol cycle in the area. And it’s a partnership between Cass County Electric Cooperative, Fargo Police and Fargo Parks.

Chad Brousseau with Cass County Electric said this idea came out of a conversation between the co-op and Fargo Parks, about an interest in equipping a park officer with an electric motorcycle.

"With that conversation, we thought we could help," Brousseau said. "We were aware of some funding opportunities, mainly the state energy program through the Department of Commerce."

Broussaeu said $10,000 came from that program. Cass County Electric kicked in $5000, and the Park District kicked in $5600.

As for the cycle itself?

"It has a 157 mile range," Brousseau said. "It has a 14.4 kilowatt-hour battery. It can reach speeds in excess of 100 mph. It has a police siren and lights. And it has equipment bags on the back to handle his gear."

Brousseau saids it’s part of the co-op’s campaign to promote the use of electric vehicles. And to that end, he said there are three “level 2” charging stations in Fargo – at West Acres Mall, Hornbacher’s Gateway West and Sanford Health.

"We are going to be installing three "Level 3" fast chargers this summer," Brousseau said. "That's comparative to a gas station stop, where an electric vehicle can pull up, and in 20 to 30 minutes, get enough charge to get back on the road."

Brousseau says those stations should be operational later this summer.

Cass County Electric has two electric vehicles – one a Chevy Volt, and the other a Mitsubishi hybrid.

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