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Siting hearings for a carbon dioxide pipeline will go on as scheduled

The Public Service Commission has denied a request by some interveners to delay the scheduled siting hearings on the Summit carbon dioxide pipeline.

But additional hearings may be held for them.

The proposed pipeline would take CO2 from ethanol plants and sequester the gas in Mercer County, North Dakota.

The Commission had set hearings in April.

Lawyers for Burleigh County asked for postponement, because of scheduling conflicts. But PSC Chairman Randy Christmann made the motion to deny that request.

"The interveners make a point, and we certainly want all the information possible," Christmann said. "That's why we hold all these hearings. But we also can't drag it out forever, You can't just kill a project by always being unavailable."

Burleigh County States' Attorney Julie Lawyer said a trial conflicts with the PSC hearing.

Christmann’s motion did hold out the possibility of a video hearing after the public hearings were completed. That would be limited to the county’s attorneys asking questions of Summit, and being able to present new information. But it would not be open for public comment.

The hearings are scheduled April 22 in Mandan at the Baymont Inn. Another hearing is set June 4th in Linton.

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