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"Gas to oil" ratios in Bakken wells are on the upswing

The “gas to oil” ratio from Bakken oil wells has increased.

As oil production starts to drop in a Bakken well, the natural gas production increases. And state regulators say this is the highest gas to oil ratio they’ve seen in years.

"We're still aggressively working on natural gas solutions, all the way from the wellhead to the burner tip," said North Dakota Pipeline Authority executive director Justin Kringstad. "Gathering, processing, transmission of the 'residue gas,' as well as the natural gas liquids."

Kringstad said one project that will help is the Wahpeton Expansion project, which will bring natural gas to Wahpeton and Kindred from the WBI pipeline compressor station at Mapleton. He said construction has begun on that project.

"You can see some of the pipe being laid out and some of the right-of-way work getting outlined," Kringstad said. "No major construction yet. But all the preliminary phases are in full swing. We're excited to see that project progress through the summer."

Kringstad said the plan is for the pipeline expansion to go on-line in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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