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PBS Kids Writers; Tom Isern: A 1924 book; Ari Shapiro and 'The Mole.'

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Today's Segments:

PBS Kids Writers Contest

Kids are known for their wild imaginations. The PBS Kids Writers Contest lets kids in grades K-3 explore their big ideas. Today, we hear from the winners and visit with two of the main organizers of the contest, Prairie Public's Christine McClellan and Kirsten Ness.

Tom Isern - The Captive Coyote

A 1924 book of poetry about North Dakota is getting a new life thanks to the digital press at UND.

Ari Shapiro - The Mole

You know him from radio, but now NPR's Ari Shapiro is moving to the screen. The All Things Considered host has a side gig hosting the new season of The Mole. Twelve contestants traveled to Malaysia to compete for a cash prize. One was planted by the show to ruin the group's chances, leaving the rest to figure out who's the mole. He spoke with Ashley Thornberg about the high-stakes game of sabotage, now showing on Netflix.

Natural North Dakota

Learn about the reproductive strategies of plants with Chuck Lura in today's NDD segment.