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Interim committee to look at new DUI law

A Legislative interim committee will be taking another look at North Dakota’s new DUI law.

The study has been assigned to the interim Judiciary Committee. That committee’s chairman – State Sen. David Hogue (R-Minot) – says there are a few issues that need a second look. One is the new offense for refusing a breath test.

"If you're pulled over, and you decline that test, that is a separate offense," said Hogue. "The question we need to clarify is -- did we intend two separate offenses -- one for refusing on the roadside, and two, if you are actually under the influence, if the test comes back positive."

The committee will also take another look at the “24-7” sobriety program. A person sentenced to that option has to report twice a day for alcohol tests. 

"Apparently, we didn't provide any guidance on what happens when someone is a part of the program leaves the state of North Dakota -- either for work or personal reasons," said Hogue. "What do we do with them then?"

The Committee will meet in January to discuss these issues.