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North Dakota's new 'Blue Book' is released

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

The new “blue book” is out.

The Secretary of State’s office publishes it every two years. It contains a lot of facts and figures about North Dakota, and this edition features a story about the state Historical Society and the new Heritage Center.

"It was through the diligence of various people, with very limited resources, who were able to bring the collections, bring about what we have today, in terms of one of the finest museums in the entire country," said Secretary of State Al Jaeger.

Jaeger gave the first copy of the Blue Book to Governor Dalrymple at a ceremony at the Capitol. Dalrymple says the Blue Book keeps getting better.

"When I first got involved in state government, about 30 years ago, I saw a copy of the Blue Book, and I thought, 'This is the driest collection of trivia that I had ever seen in my life," Dalrymple said. "I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to look at it. And now, it has become a first-class, and very entertaining, work."

The Blue Book is available for sale at the state Heritage Center.

Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public
Secretary of State Al Jaeger (left), State Historical Society superintendent Claudia Berg, and Gov. Jack Dalrymple at the blue book unveiling ceremony.