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Persistence: Woman Suffrage in North Dakota

Jenna Chase

This play follows the history of the effort to get women the vote in North Dakota, with humor and drama. 

It was written by Kathleen Coudle-King in consultation with Barbara Handy-Marchello, former UND history faculty member, and Susan Wefald, North Dakota’s first woman to serve on the North Dakota Public Service Commission.

Kathy Coudle-King has taught writing at UND since 1994, after earning her M.A. in English at UND in 1993.  She holds a B.F.A. in Dramatic Writing from NYU. The full story of how Persistence landed on Prairie Public radio can be found here: www.coudle-king.com/blog

The production is supported by the estate of Carolyn Pickard Handy and a grant from the North Dakota Council on the Arts.

For more information:

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“Quiet Voices in the Prairie Wind,” by Barbara Handy Marchello; “Kate Selby Wilder Dresses the Part,” and “Kate Selby Wilder” by Ann Braaten; and “Cora Smith Eaton and North Dakota Woman Suffrage, 1888-1897,” by Kristin Mapel Bloomberg. 
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