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Home Grown: German-Russian Farm Kids Remember "The Garden"


Home Grown: German-Russian Farm Kids Remember

"The Garden"

Marilyn Jeanette (Sauer) Bauman

Interviewed: Bismarck, ND, 22 July 2007

Born: Java, SD, 30 September 1932

It was very large, it was probably the size of our city lots and they'd go in there with the plow, at first with the horses and a plow and later on they'd drop the fence and drive in with a tractor, after they went to a tractor. It was plowed up and then everybody would have to go in there and rake. They'd have a really big; the potato patch wasn't in with the rest of the garden. They raised the potatoes out in the grain field and just toss the potatoes in out there. And potato harvesting was a big job. We had to haul them in, put them in the root cellar for the winter. But my mother would, she raised all kinds of vegetables. Sweet corn patch was also was out in the field. So the garden itself, the size of the garden, was vegetables, a big pumpkin patch, and large cucumber patch of course, cause we had to make lots of dill pickles and a big patch of dill and then of course all the other garden variety of vegetables. My mother always had beautiful flower gardens, she loved flowers, had lots of hollyhocks, lots of other things, lilacs.