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April 23, 2023: Debra Marquart at the 2023 Poetry Out Loud, Bismarck, ND

The North Dakota native and Poet Laureate of Iowa, as Special Guest at this poetry event, reads and sings.

Sunday, April 23, at 5pm:

Debra Marquart grew up in Napoleon, North Dakota. When her work in a touring rock band got cut short (by the loss of their equipment in a fire), she started writing poetry. When she walked out in front of the crowd at the Heritage Center in Bismarck, she was carrying a guitar and started with a song. Then poems, then more songs (contemporary poems by her and others, set to music).

She recreated this presentation in the studio for us. As a bonus, and to set the context, you will get to hear some of the poems done by contestants in the Poetry Out Loud contest. More on that here.

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