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Airlines Begin Limited Service

By Dave Thompson, Tracy Fugere

Bismarck and Fargo, ND – Airlines are being allowed to resume limited flight service. But Fargo's Airport Director, Shawn Dobbertstein says it will take some time.

Dobberstein says when people arrive at the airport to board a flight, they should arrive at least two hours before their departure time.

"We'll be under different security guidelines when you come through. There is no cargo being accepted by the airlines till further notice, there are no accompanied minors being allowed to fly so someone that's seventeen years of age or younger is not allowed to fly till further notice, there are no pets or anything like that that the airlines will fly till further notice."

Dobberstein says if you are wondering about the status of yourFlight, you should contact the airline through their 800 numbers or their web sites. He says airline officials are trying to accommodate an overwhelming number of people.

"They will re-accommodate you as they would in any other cancelled flight situation. You know, we've been shut down here before with snowstorms or other weather events or mechanicals. They will accommodate you on the first available flight that has an open seat which could be that day that they do resume or the following day or even after that."

Northwest Airlines says it will take a while before its operations get back to normal.

The U-S Department of Transportation has opened air space for what it called "limited operation." Northwest spokesperson Kathy Peach says the airline will start with resuming the flights that had to be diverted when air space was closed down Tuesday. She says 105 flights were diverted -- most of them to Canada, but one landed in Bismarck and two were diverted to Grand Forks.

Peach says with the number of flights - and the new security procedures - it will take some time before operations are up and running...

"I think patience is the operative word for the next few days and certainly for probably the weeks ahead."

On a normal day, Northwest operates 17-hundred flights.