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Grass fire causes major damage to Bucyrus

Several homes and buildings were destroyed in and around Bucyrus, North Dakota because of a large grass fire that was fueled by strong winds and dry conditions.

Bucyrus is just northwest of Hettinger. Adams County officials say about 20 people were displaced from their homes. Seven families lost their homes.

The fire began Wednesday afternoon – and spread quickly in the gusty winds and dry conditions . But firefighters and volunteers, with the help of creeks, ere able to contain it before it got as far as Hettinger.

Adams County Commission chairman Chuck Christmann says a lot of people and equipment fought the fire.

:It's hard to say, but I would bet that at any one time there were 100 vehicles on site," Christmann said. "Without their valiant efforts, the fire would still be burning."

Christmann toured Bucyrus the morning after the fire.

"It saddens my heart to see what we saw," Christmann said. "You can imagine all the black from the prairie fire. The farmsteads that burned are nothing more than a pile of rubble. The homes are the same way. High line poles -- just the cross-arms are left, and the wires are just laying there. Like any fire -- devastation."

The state Fire Marshal will now determine the cause.

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