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Cramer pulls vet's cemetery ad; Sinner demands apology for vets

George Sinner says the first time he saw Kevin Cramer's latest ad, he thought it was disrespectful.

Sinner is challenging the incumbent Cramer for North Dakota's lone congressional seat.  Cramer's ad that touted support for veterans was set in the state's Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Mandan.  Sinner says he thought it was disrespectful to be able to clearly read names on the tombstones in the ad.

"Our veterans cemetery is hallowed ground. It is the final resting place for many service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the freedoms that we enjoy. To use the North Dakota Veterans Cemetary as a backdrop for a political ad is beyond reproach."

Sinner says he knew that federal rules protected Arlington National Cemetery from being used for political ads, but did not know the same rules applied to state cemeteries.  Cramer says he was unaware of those rules, and that he is pulling the ad.

"I did not seek nor did I get permission to shoot there, it is state land, much like the state capitol, much like the state park that we shot in, like NDSU where we shot some of our ads.  But because there are some VA funds that get I guess appropriated to state cemeteries, I think out of caution and abundance we are no longer going to run the ad. We are starting a new ad today."

Sinner says Cramer owes an apology to veterans, servicemen and women, and the people of North Dakota and the United States.

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