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Ricksha Across America

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An activist whose home is a ricksha has been riding across North Dakota to advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana. Ras Ible says he is on his way to Washington D.C. to protest federal prohibition so veterans can legally access the drug…..

“...The VA should be dispensing this stuff from our medical dispensaries instead of pills and narcotics because none of these veterans or anybody has died from medical marijuana”

Ible who is a veteran, has served time in prison for his use of marijuana for medical purposes. But now that he is free, Ible wants to see other veterans drop narcotics and use marijuana legally without fear of incarceration…….

“...I take one medicine, and that’s cannabis, and it covers all my medical needs and my doctors at the VA tell me keep doing what you’re doing, you’re like the healthiest veteran we’ve ever seen.”

Ible says on a good day he can travel up to 50 miles and has been using social media to document the journey.

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