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ND ranchers affected by drought could soon get some 'hay transportation' help

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Some help may be on the way for ranchers who need to bring hay to their drought-stricken ranches.

Gov. Doug Burgum and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring have announced the "Emergency Hay Transportation Assistance Program."

"The program is designed to help defray some of the costs of bringing hay to the ranchers that need it," Goehring said.

"You've got to go a long way to get hay back to your cattle," Gov. Burgum said. "Those transportation costs go up."

Burgum sad the program should provide a real measure of relief for those farmers and ranchers having to haul hay.

"This will help offset some of those costs," Burgum said.

Goehring said it will be open to ranches in counties with the drought designation D-2, D-3 or D-4.

"This is going to help some of those producers keep some of their foundation herds together here in the state of North Dakota," Goehring said.

The program will be available starting September 5th. It’s being funded by a $1.5 million grant from the Department of Emergency Services.

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