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Bankers Assoc. president: 'There's optimism in farm country'

ND Bankers Association

The president of the North Dakota Bankers Association said he’s seeing a more optimistic outlook from North Dakota farmers and ranchers.

Rick Clayburgh said the rain the state has received over the last few weeks is fueling that optimism. He said while the drought did hurt some farmers and ranchers, especially in western and central North Dakota, he’s seeing a better attitude among them, as well as their bankers.

"In visiting with our ag lenders, we believe most of the producers, working closely with their lenders, are goingh to be able to get into the 2018 crop year," Clayburgh said.

Clayburgh also said there will be some producers who, because of the continued drought in some areas of the state, and also because of low commodity prices. that will have to work closely with their ag lenders to insure they have the capital to get into the 2018 crop year.

Clayburgh said bakers have a number of tools at their disposal to help.

"They (the bankers) are experts in sitting down with producers, helping them with marketing plans, looking at individual situations, and helping them make decisions that will best serve them," Claybrugh said.

Clayburgh said emergency assistance for ranchers and the federal crop insurance program have helped.

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