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Burgum: 'Preparation, not Panic' on COVID-19 virus

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

"We're looking for preparation, not for panic."

That was Gov. Doug Burgum’s message, as he and state Health Department officials talked about North Dakota’s steps to contain the COVID 19 virus.

They held a news conference at the state Capitol to address concerns about that coronavirus.

Burgum said the key is to do the same things you would do to prevent the spread of influenza – including frequent hand washing, staying away from sick people, and staying home when you’re sick.

"We're well-prepared in North Dakota," Burgum told reporters. "We have no reported coronavirus cases yet. We have supplies in position. We've got a team that's organized and ready, and that team's focus is on public safety as the number one priority."

State Health Department division of disease control director Kirby Kruger said there is no one being investigated as a possible case of the virus.

"We are currently monitoring two individuals who have recently returned from China," Kruger said.

Kruger told reporters 15 individuals have completed a 14 day monitoring period.

"In North Dakota, as we speak here, the risk for COVID 19 is low," Kruger said.

The question was asked as to how contagious COVID 19 is. Kruger said it’s probably more contagious than the flu – but health officials are still learning a lot about it.

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