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Democrats proposing 'Human Services Stabilization Fund'


Legislative Democrats are again pushing for a “Human Services Stabilization Fund,” similar to the current Budget and K-12 stabilization funds.

That has been proposed before.

Those funds are “rainy day” funds, designed to be there if there is a funding shortfall in those programs.

"When we made cuts a couple of years ago, those were traumatically compounded, beacuse for every dollar we take off the table in state money, we lose $5 to $10 in federal money," said House Minority Leader Josh Boschee (D-Fargo). "By having a stabilization fund, which takes care of make=ing sure we're funding human services when we are having downturns, it's a priority for us."

As for “rainy day” funds, Gov. Burgum is proposing a stabilization fund for North Dakota colleges and universities.


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