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Board of Higher Education to take another look at NDSCS and a 'career academy' planned for Fargo

The state Board of Higher Education will take another look at a proposed Career Academy, sponsored by the state College of Science in Wahpeton, and to be built in Fargo.

At the last Board meeting, NDSCS President John Richman told the Board the site had been secured, the leases were ready, and a virtual groundbreaking had been scheduled. But board member Kathy Neset said when the Board first considered the project – in 2017 – it only gave Richman permission to fundraise, and not to go ahead with the project. She said it was up to the Board to give NDSCS the go-ahead to do the project.

Neset chaired the Board in 2017.

The board sent the matter back to the Budget and Finance Committee. At that committee meeting, Richman said working on that project has been part of the Board’s goals for him since 2017.

"It may be unclear as to what the Board's intent was back in June of 2017," Richman told the Committee. "But I think it's very clear that the Board has guided me and directed me to pursue this effort, and to see it come to fruition."

Board member Casey Ryan was at that 2017 meeting as an observer. He voted to take the matter back to the full Board, but suggested that the Committee chairman talk with Neset about that meeting.

"That was a controversial meeting," Ryan said. "Something was brought up that was not on the agenda."

Ryan said the Board did vote to allow fundraising to start. But he said Neset voted no on that motion.

The full Board meets next Thursday (May 27).

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