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As tax season opens, North Dakota filers will be looking at a tax credit

As North Dakotans begin filling out their income tax forms, they will also see lower tax bills, thanks to the income tax credit passed by the Legislature.

It will be a deduction from a filer’s tax liability of up to $350 for single filers, and $700 for joint filers.

First, Tax Commissioner Brian Kroshus said filers have to figure out their tax liability, which is easy enough to do.

"Once they determine what their tax liability is, the tax credit will be deducted from their liability," Kroshus said.

And if the filer doesn't owe $350, Kroshus said the credit will take the liability down to zero.

"They won't receive a refund from any unused balance of the tax credit," Kroshus said.

The credit is in effect for this tax year, as well as next year.

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