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ND Corn Council: E-15 announcement is a win for all concerned

The executive director of the North Dakota Corn Council said President Biden’s decision to lift the ban on summertime sales of E-15 gasoline – that is, gasoline with 15 percent ethanol, and which is marketed as “Unleaded 88,” for its octane rating– is a win for all concerned.

Jean Henning says previously, E-15 was sold year-round – but a court decision stopped summer sales of E-15.

"We're going to get back what we had," Henning said.

Henning said corn producers were seeing increased growth in sales of "Unleaded 88," because it was able to be sold year-round. She said retailers want the E-15 because it is cheaper than the regular E-10 unleaded fuel.

"This is significant for consumers," Henning said. "It's significant for our retailers, and very important for corn farmers."

Henning said corn farmers rely on ethanol having market access.

"And we want the consumers to be able to have a choice at the pump," Henning said.

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