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Sunset bird watching event at Fort Ransom State Park

Burrowing Owl
Tobias Yoder/Audubon Photography
Audubon Dakota
Burrowing Owl

Audubon Dakota and Fort Ransom State Park will be hosting a free Sunset Birding Hike. The event welcomes people of all ages and no prior birding experience is necessary. Megan Carter-Johnson is Senior Coordinator of Engagement for Audubon Dakota.

"Here in the Fargo-Moorhead area, some of the parks do close after sunset and before sunrise so i thought it would be a great opportunity to invite folks out for a free birding hike and experience birds when they're actually very active. We're hoping to spot some owls, some Vireos, some Flycatchers, lots of other insect loving birds because at that time of the day they should be very active. All in all it should be a great time outside and looking for birds, especially now that we're on the cusp of fall migration."

Carter-Johnson says bird watching is a popular pastime in North Dakota.

"North Dakota has some pretty incredible birds here both year around and that migrate through the Dakotas both in the spring and in the fall. We are certainly a hotspot for all kinds of birds and there's just beautiful outdoor spaces here in the Dakotas to go look for this awesome wildlife"

This free event will take place at Fort Ransom State Park on August 26th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.