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'Colorado low' drops lots of snow in North Dakota

Outside Prairie Public studios in Bismarck
Dave Thompson
Outside Prairie Public studios in Bismarck

The “Colorado Low” that brought lots of snow to our area is now exiting the state.

Now comes the clean-up.

The National Weather Service says it appears the Bismarck-Mandan area received the largest snowfall amounts. Meteorologist John Paul Martin of the Bismarck National Weather Service office said Bismarck reported a record 17 inches of snow – and Mandan received more than that.

"The range of reports from Mandan are from about 18 inches to as much as 23 to 24 inches, in different parts of the city of Mandan," Martin said. "A rough average is 20 inches."

Martin said a little light snow is expected this weekend – maybe one or two more inches. He said the next week or so will bring cold air, as the low exits.

"We're going to have temperatures about 25 degrees below where they should be," Martin said. "Highs mainly in the teens, and overnight lows in the single digits below zero."

Martin said some areas with the deep snow cover could see 10 to 15 below zero nighttime temperatures.

The storm closed portions of major highways. The Capitol closed Thursday, as did a number of schools.

Martin is reminding people to allow the snowplows to do their jobs. And he cautions people to be careful when shoveling snow.

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