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Animal ag 'carve out' passes the House

The House has approved a “carve-out” of the state’s anti-corporate farming law, to allow limited animal agriculture investments.

The vote was 70 to 24.

Supporters say it is not an effort to overturn the corporate farming law – but it is an attempt to grow feedlots and dairy operations.

Rep. SuAnn Olson (R-Baldwin) told the Houses this could help revive smaller towns.

"If we can use this animal agriculture to bring back at least some of those smaller communities, bring some vibrancy back, that's a huge win," Olson said. "Otherwise we just risk a further decline."

Rep. Dawson Holle (R-Mandan) is a dairy farmer. He opposes the bill.

"There are no processors in the state of North Dakota that a new dairy farm could sell their milk to," Holle said. "There is milk already leaving the state — and where is it going?"

Holle said North Dakota is the only state with a state-owned bank.

"Why are we not offering incentives for our current family farms and new family farms to grow?" Holle said.

The measure will now be considered in the Senate.

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