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Legislature approves "incremental increase" in medical marijuana dosages

The North Dakota Legislature has approved a measure to allow patients on medical marijuana to receive 6000 milligrams of THC within a 30 day period.

It passed the House 77 to 16, after passing the Senate 33 to 14. Because it is amending an initiated measure, it needed two-thirds votes in each House. The measure received that.

"Now I'm sure you're wondering whether 6000 milligrams is going to make you high as a kite," said the bill carrier, Rep. Brandon Pritchard (R-Bismarck). "The answer is — it's only an incremental increase."

Pritchard said current law allows 4000 milligrams of THC. He said some patients can get by with micro-dosing, but most can’t.

Pritchard said there are “well-respected” cancer and pain protocols, that recommend doses of up to a gram per day – with a limit of 6 in a 30-day period.

"This bill would help qualified medical users get the medical marijuana that they need," Pritchard said.

The measure now goes to Gov. Doug Burgum.

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