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Dozens of volunteers needed for afternoon, evening shifts at Sandbag Cass

Cass County and the cities of Fargo and West Fargo are aiming to fill 200,000 sandbags this week.

Dozens of volunteers are being requested at Sandbag Cass this week in West Fargo, as Cass County and the area prepares for spring flooding.

City and County officials are aiming to fill 200,000 sandbags by Friday, or the end of this weekend at the latest. Catlin Solum is Public Information Coordinator with Cass County Government, and says morning shifts are well taken care of, but help is still needed in the afternoons and evenings every day this week.

"Late last week, the City of Fargo decided they were going to bring over their extra spider machine. So, we can accommodate about 60-70 people on a spider machine at once, so we're looking at about 120 people at one time out there. Obviously, we can take more than that. We'll have some additional sand piles where people can fill bags manually if the spider machine's a bit too much for them, or the sandbags are a bit too heavy. So there's an option there, but we can accommodate anywhere from 120 to 140 people at a time out there."

Anyone interested in signing up for a shift can do so at casscountynd.gov/volunteer. Solum says volunteers can also contact him directly by calling 701-241-5794.