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Pipeline Authority director: More take away capacity needed for natural gas liquids

North Dakota’s pipeline authority director said there is a real need in North Dakota for more liquid natural gas pipelines.

Justin Kringstad said OneOK has announced the expansion of the Elk Creek Pipeline system by 100,000 barrels of NGLs.

"We very much need that additional NGL capacity, so the timing is going to be great," Kringstad said. "We expect liquid gas volumes to continue to increase."

Kringstad said with that increase, there is a possibility of more of the liquid gas being transported by rail.

"We may see another one or two additional trains with NGLs leaving the region as the gas volumes continue to grow," Kringstad said.

On the “dry gas” side, Kringstad said with two new pipeline projects – Bison Express and WBI Grasslands – to take the gas to Cheyenne, Wyoming, the state will need more gas processing.

"It's looking like, in order to satisfy those transmission needs on the dry gas side, we will be looking at somewhere in the 400 to 800 mcf of additional gas processing, over what we have in service to date," Kringstad said.

Kringstad said discussions are now underway on how to meet that need.

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