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Concordia College announces "Concordia Promise"

The program launching next year will cover full tuition for students from every state in the nation who meet eligibility criteria.

Concordia College has announced a new program that will cover full tuition for any newly-admitted student from across the country whose family has an adjusted gross income below $90,000.

The Concordia Promise is inspired by Minnesota’s North Star Promise, which offers free tuition to students from Minnesota whose families adjusted gross income is below $80,000.

Ben Iverson is vice president for enrollment at Concordia. He says there are a couple other eligibility requirements. He says a student can begin by filling out a FAFSA.

"That form actually is undergoing some revisions at the moment by the federal government, so it actually won't be available until about December this year. The key for now is for students to submit an application to Concordia, it's free to apply for seniors this year. And then they will be in the pipeline, and can jump on filing the FAFSA form when it becomes available a little bit later on this winter."

The program is renewable for up to four years, encouraging students to graduate on time.

The Concordia Promise includes 100 percent of standard, full time tuition and is paid for through a combination of federal and state aid, along with existing Concordia scholarships. Housing, food, feeds and other additional costs are not included.