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Amazon gives $10,000 to Great Plains Food Bank

Amazon has given $10,000 to the Great Plains Food Bank.
D. Webster
Amazon has given $10,000 to the Great Plains Food Bank.

The donation comes ahead of this year's Christmas holiday.

Amazon has given a $10,000 gift to the Great Plains Food Bank to help meet the needs of hunger across North Dakota and Clay County, Minnesota.

Michael Ward is senior operations manager at Amazon’s Far1 facility in Fargo. He says today’s gift is part of Amazon’s “In the Communities” program, which provides funds to charitable organizations in the communities they serve.

"Being charitable and always partnering, looking for those opportunities to volunteer in the communities where we are, are small ways to give back. We pursue opportunities like the donation today through grants and other financial support to scale those donations, but even in small ways, looking for opportunities to work with these organizations in our communities on a small scale - every dollar counts, and we are happy to contribute in a big way."

Jared Slinde is a spokesperson for the Great Plains Food Bank. He says this gift comes at a good time, as need continues to increase. He says the last couple of years have been difficult, but the Food Bank is doing what it can to meet demand.

"At the end of the year, we'll see what those trends continue - but we're pretty pleased we've been able to distribute more than a million pounds each month here, for quite a few months in a row. That's ahead of schedule and what we may have anticipated. So hopefully we are looking at a better year in terms of getting food out to those in need. But one thing we know is the need's high, and we don't anticipate that changing."

Slinde says Amazon’s gift will provide 20,000 meals to hungry people in the region.