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Journalist Roundtable: Burgum's Campaign, Mail-in Ballots, and the Value of Local News

Host Ashley Thornberg, News Director Dave Thompson, and directors of the North Dakota Newspaper Association Cecile Werhman and Steven Andrist have a roundtable about journalism in North Dakota.

Does Burgum have a prayer of getting onto the debate stage? It seems he does. The journalists discuss his position in the polls and what a North Dakotan president could mean for the future of the state. Then, absentee ballots received by mail may not be counted if they arrive even one day after election day in ND, if a lawsuitis won.

Teaching kids how to read a newspaper... in some schools this may be the only paper products they interact with in the classroom. Cecile and Steven talk about the importance of local news and the preservation of authentic, traditional print journalism- which starts in the classroom.

These topics plus several more are pulled apart and digested by the experts on this month's Journalist Roundtable.

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