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The 10 Most Incredible Natural Attractions in North Dakota

"gwr137" by informedmindstravel is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Americans seem to enjoy lists! I was reminded of that recently when I happened upon a website that contained a list of “The 10 Most Incredible Natural Attractions in North Dakota That Everyone Should Visit.” They note that North Dakota has way more beautiful spots of nature than most people realize. They also note that everyone should visit at least one of these sites. I would agree, but there might be some differences in opinion as to what makes the top ten.

Here is their list: 

  1. Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge
  2. Cannonball Concretions Pullout at Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  3. Wildwood Hiking Trail Islandic State Park
  4. Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  5. Fort Ransom State Park
  6. North Dakota’s lost national park, basically Crow Flies High Butte which as a National Monument. I have not verified a park status.
  7. Cross Ranch State Park
  8. Caprock-Coulee Trail at Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  9. Grahams Island State park, Devils Lake
  10. Wind Canyon Trail at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

I noticed that the website also had a list of “The Top 7 Most Incredible Natural Wonders in North Dakota” which is quite different. They list: 

  1. Chase lake
  2. Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  3. Red River of the North
  4. White Butte
  5. Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence
  6. Cheyenne National Grasslands
  7. Pembina Gorge

Of course, these lists beg discussion as to our favorite natural attractions and wonders. We would love to hear about your favorite natural spots in North Dakota. Just go to Prairie Public’s Facebook page and post your favorite, or favorites. 
~Chuck Lura

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