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Author Erika Bolstad ~ MLK Day Feature ~ "FolkTale, Dakota Folklife and Stories"

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Monday, January 16, 2023 - Erika Bolstad is a journalist who came to North Dakota in search of mineral rights and the legacy of the great-grandmother who homesteaded the land. She wrote about the search in her book, “Windfall: The Prairie Woman Who Lost Her Way and the Great-Granddaughter Who Found Her.” ~~~ People in Selma, Alabama, are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legacy — even as they clean up after a series of large tornadoes roared across the state last week killing six people. ~~~ One of Martin Luther King Junior’s most important confidants was a Jewish businessman from New York named Stanley Levison, has remained largely hidden from public view. This story comes to us from Matthew Schuerman of WNYC. ~~~ In an episode of TellTale, Dakota Folklife and Stories we hear from elders in central North Dakota as they reminisce about staying warm and having fun during the harsh cold winters of their childhoods.