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UND Prof. Newman Joins First National Nature Assessment; Homelessness

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Dr. Robert Newman, University of North Dakota

Today's Segments:

UND Professor Joins First National Nature Assessment

Dr. Bob Newman will join the inaugural National Nature Assessment (NNA). Announced by the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy, the NNA is the first comprehensive evaluation of the United States' biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Newman will co-author a chapter of the United States Global Change Research Program's report, collaborating with experts nationwide to deliver an evidence-based overview of America's wildlife and ecosystems, evaluate emerging trends, and identify effective strategies to mitigate the challenges posed by the nation's rapidly changing natural landscape. "The idea with the National Nature Assessment is that we're trying to figure out what we've got before it's gone," said Newman.

Chandler Esslinger, Homelessness

The homeless situation presents significant challenges. Today, we delve into this issue with Chandler Esslinger, Community Liaison in the Harm Reduction Division of Fargo Cass Public Health. In this excerpt from the Prairie Pulse television show, Esslinger shares insights on the complexities and solutions surrounding homelessness, emphasizing the importance of community and health interventions.

NND - Bird Watching Aids

Chuck Lura, in a Natural North Dakota essay, introduces fascinating new resources for both casual bird watchers and serious enthusiasts. Discover innovative tools and aids that enhance the bird-watching experience, making it more enjoyable and informative. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these resources are sure to elevate your bird-watching adventures.