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Cramer: 'I welcome a discussion on guns and violence'

Congressman-elect Kevin Cramer (R-ND) says he hopes there will be a calm and rational discussion on ways to help prevent gun violence.

Cramer says he is a Second Amendment supporter, and he is not in favor of gun control. But he says he realizes there is a national appetite for a discussion on the issue.

"As soon as we go down that path, we are treading on issues of liberty, of security, of personal identity and privacy matters," said Cramer. "To balance those issues will be a huge challenge."

Cramer says he would like to include violence on television, in movies and in video games in the discussion, as well as family values. And he says he will listen to gun control advocates make their case.

"So often, what I see in these issues, and I've seen it already, are people who draw lines in the sand," said Cramer. "They get angry, and talk at each other, not to each other.  I don't question the sincerity of people who have a different view than me, and I think it's important for rational people to have an honest, calm discussion."

Cramer says there is a tendency to panic and overreact in a highly publicized crisis.

The issue is forefront again -- in the wake of the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut.

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