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UND's soon to be interim president to be on campus this week

The soon to be interim President of UND plans to be on campus this week.

Former Governor Ed Schafer starts his new job in mid-January. But he says he wants to meet with as many people as he can to find out what the issues are.

"You know how I operate -- in the Capitol, I was all over the place, visiting everybody I could see," Schafer said. "That's going to be my posture at UND."

Schafer says he'll be at the Student Union with students, in the faculty lounge with faculty, and the administrative offices with administration.

"You can't make decisions about where to go if you don't know what the issues and factors are," Schafer said.

Schafer says he’s heard some things from media reports.

"But you don't get that in-depth opportunity to know what are the specific issues," Schafer said. "A lot of times, people don't articulate what the specific issue is. You have to sort that out. And the only way you sort that out is being personally interactive and active with the organization. And I plan on doing that."

Some faculty and student groups had originally voiced concerns about Schafer's appointment, because Schafer does not have an education background. But Schafer says he plans to asssure everyone that he has the best interests of UND at heart.

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